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Your Skincare 101 Class

I was in 8th grade when I first learned how to wash my face properly. A woman came knocking at my door with a suitcase filled with bottles, lotions and lipsticks and my mother was intrigued. We sat at our kitchen table and I that's when I was educated about the importance of a skincare regimen.

Well, that was way back in the early 1990's and this class is does not fit in a suitcase. It is filled with evolved techniques and safer, seriously effective skincare. If you're starting your low-tox living journey and or want to refresh your routine, this post is for you!


My Fav Lettuce Wraps

For those days when you want a filling and savory meal, without the simple carbs ... your first thought is not, "Mmmm.... lettuce!!"

This is the dish I crave all year round and it's filled with a rainbow of vegetables that will fill your tummy and will help you stay on track with your low-tox and clean eating goals.


The Virtually Unregulated

Beauty Industry

This building holds a special place in my heart. It is where I accepted my first job offer right out of college and also where I learned about the virtually unregulated beauty industry.

Over 20 years have passed, but the future is clean. Learn what sparked my interest in advocacy and entrepreneurship.


5 Tips for #WFH Moms This Summer

Ahhh, the summertime. It’s a love/loathe relationship as I navigate working from home with a bunch of new office employees….aka my girlies. While the water cooler chat can be intriguing, the chaos that ensues isn't the best working environment. And since I’m the boss…I guess I have to make the rules…lame.

I decided that I’d put together my 5 top tips for working from home with your kids this summer to help some of my fellow comrades. Plus, it comes with a free printable that I hope helps you navigate "time outs."


Men's Health

This post is for the Good Guys! When it comes to skincare, men often find themselves overshadowed by the beauty industry's focus on women. However, the importance of men's skincare goes beyond just a clean shave.

In this blog post, I'm diving into the world of men's skincare and shedding light on why safer products truly play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Unveiling the Must-Have Lip Trends for Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X

"If you think we're just selling lipstick, you're not paying attention."

Whether you're a Gen Z trendsetter, a Millennial beauty enthusiast, or a Gen X style icon, this post is just for you! I'm sharing the most captivating lip trends that will keep you ahead of the curve in your respective generations.

See my Xennial No-Makeup Make up look and learn why heavy metal testing is a non-negotiable.


Unlocking the Secrets to Reducing Your Toxic Load

Reducing your toxic load is an important step towards a low-tox lifestyle. Every day, we're exposed to countless toxins through the food we eat, the products we use, and the environment we live in.

These toxins can build up over time in our bodies and contribute to a variety of health problems, including allergies, asthma, hormonal imbalances, and even cancer.

But, the good news is that I have three simple steps you can take to get started.


Viral Cheek Lift Hack

Move over, contouring - there's a new makeup hack in town and it's taking TikTok by storm!

Say hello to the viral concealer cheek lift, a simple trick that's transforming dull and flat faces into chiseled and glowing works of art.

With just a few dots of concealer, this super simple hack means you don’t have to be a pro to look like one!


Ready to live a

low-tox life?

Since 2018, I've been living a low-tox life {i.e. reduced exposure to environmental toxins thanks to education I've received about the personal care and wellness industries}.

I've built a thriving community on Facebook, a juicy newsletter list and I'm on the 'gram as often as your might hear "Anti-Hero" on your fav streaming service.

With so much education to share and so many stories to tell, it's finally time for my baby blog to be born! This is your space where you'll always find a way to connect, learn and do good.

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